Why are we rarely to use word “mengapa”?
It is as if children who fond to ask. What are in their front must be asked by them. Sense of high corious make them wise and smart. Process to think  had happened there. afterwards has proceeded with desire to find out. For example, children seek a flare up candle and turn up  sense of corious afterwards come near the candle. The children will start think for making of sure. The children never find out that fire is really hot if they never touch it. Start from visualize turn up, afterwards must be move to find out. The children always feel zero or empty.  They are still pure such as empty paper, they have big desire to find out. Therefor, they always ask and ask.
           We must have this character, always feel empty every day. Never feel boring and never shy to ask, afterwards move to find out the answer. According to survey, Netherlands is one of happiest country in the world. Their echievment are, the tenth most competitive country, the eighth most innovative country and the tenth the best country in the world dunia (Dutch Daily News,2011).
Netherlands also included to tenth the best education in the world. Architecture of city integrate with their society and human rights it is the essensials. A interesting question is why are they  able got up to that step? In others side still there are many country busy to handle corruption, economics stability, juristic and etcetera.
Dutch people enjoy innovating and constantly ask themselves and others question to come up with new idea. It makes them more creative. Still fress in our mind that legalization of gay consist in that Country of Van Orange. It means, they able to have a long view because they constantly ask and than move to find out. They are conceiving that gay are human and they also have human rights. That appear long view are able received by dutch people.
There where ripsnorters because they constantly ask. It started from a question than move to find out. It’s the key. As already were said by Rene Descrates “I think, then I exist.”


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