I Broke My Feet

One of my best ever story that i would never forget it!
It happened when i was in elementery school - second grade.
At the time was afternoon i and my second brother were in our house. My brother asked me to help him washed the plate. We washed the plate together. Suddenly, i broke a plate. It was hit my right foot. When i saw that much blood in the floor, I cried loudly and blamed him for what had done to me. It was funny. I blamed him for my carelessness. LOL
 I said, “its becouse of you! Why you ask me to help you huh? I break my leg!!!!!”
*Next day, my brother had finished to prepare for school. And me still on the bedroom. My father saw me and asked:
 “what are you doing huh? You dont go to school?”
i answered “yes, dont you see my leg dad?”
“no, you must go!”
“No, i donet want”
“No you must go now!”
And then, he took my right slipper and left shoe.
“Omg” he forced me !!
Finally, i went to school with silly style. I went with used one shoe and one slipper. My father took me away to school. And i still cried.
I was really shy. All of my friend saw my swollen and my festered feet.
It disgusted! Sure.
I never forget that incident. The best though i have  learned from that incident was i never skipped my class ivent in elementry school, junior high school and high school and in university.
“You know? Many people can’t go to school becouse they dont have money, many people don’t have foot becouse crash.”
And you just being shy you skip your class, huh????? What happen with you?
No matter what happens with you, during you are still able to think, move you must go to school. Think of it! -dadquotes-
Miss you bad dad JJ

080812-waiting friend time-


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